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Hello customers, I’m Uncle Lee! Welcome to my ONLINE store 😃

Here you’ll find some of the most fabulous records and band merch, ranging from t-shirts that you’d wear every day to t-shirts you’d collect and not wear, some sweet honey jars to many more (soon!).

Basically, all the things you will love and more from your favorite local bands. 

Uncle Lee… you need to have an online shop.
– Vera

Some time ago, 3 curious ––brightly opinionated girls came to my store: Jackie, Vera and Debbie. They were exploring the area after their gig and stumbled upon my empty storefront. 

I was having a hard time bringing people in, so I may have gotten too excited welcoming them ––maybe scared them a little with my high jumps and hands up in the air when I ran towards them. 

Our conversations ran here and there, and I told them about how low the business is nowadays. Maybe it was the pandemic, maybe people just don’t go to stores anymore, I’m not sure. But then Vera said to me, “Uncle Lee… you need to have an online shop. So people everywhere can see and buy your products.”

So well… I did it he he.  

Actually, Jackie, Vera and Debbie did it for me. They helped me set up this website, called their dear friend Grrrl Gang to write us the best jingle ever, and taught Sandi (my nephew) a few things about the internet.

So if you’re reading this page, girls, thank you so very much! Don’t forget to stop by again, we can’t wait to see you! ^^

My nephew Sandi will help me run this online store (all the templates and logins stuff are just too difficult for me!).

We’ll have new products coming soon, so if you want to be the first to know about our latest offers and arrivals, don’t forget to follow our Instagram and you won’t miss anything! 

I’m so proud of this online store, I hope you love what we have here as much as I do!

Thank you and happy shopping!

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