The Bittersweet Story Behind The Music Video For “Honey, Baby”

By Angee

So, I’m back with another entry and this time I’m going to talk about the music video we’ve released for our new single, “Honey, Baby”.

This has been mentioned several times, but—as you’ve heard—Grrrl Gang was supposed to go to the United States and perform at SXSW in 2020. We were really looking forward to going! It was quite an achievement for us—being a local band that started out playing small gigs on campus—to perform outside of Southeast Asia for the first time. Our visas were ready, we’ve made an extensive itinerary of what we would do in Austin, excluding performing. I even dreamt of us going on a road trip outside of Austin and we swam in a beautiful, glimmering lake with  proud mountains surrounding it.

As we were about to buy the plane tickets, it was announced that SXSW was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak. We were really upset when we heard the news and, I have to admit, there are still traces of disappointment and regret lingering until now. Shortly after that, our government imposed social distancing restrictions, then one by one, all of the shows we had planned to perform in got cancelled and/or postponed until God knows when.

We’re still haunted by the possibilities of what would’ve and could’ve happened if the pandemic never took place. We tried to reflect these questions in the music video for “Honey, Baby”.

Kome (director) and Riri (director of photography) hard at work

The idea for the music video came from Akbar, who has always wanted to make a music video in the style of a mockumentary. With what had happened, we wanted to laugh at ourselves through the making of this music video.

We thought that it would be a great idea to invite Kome as the director, having worked together with her (and Nadine) in the past for our “Bathroom/Thrills” music video, because we felt that—other than being a talented artist in her own right—she has the same cheekiness and playfulness that aligns with Grrrl Gang’s character.

Riri and Alwan (producer) cheesin

Kevin, Dara, and Cipon’s happy faces

Kome took Riri, as the director of photography, and Alwan, as the producer. We invited our close friends Dara, Kevin, and Cipon to portray us in the music video. We shot everything in Jogja, and it was a whole lot of fun! I have to admit, I didn’t fully participate and dropped by during most of the shooting, because I was preoccupied with final exams, but from the pictures I’ve seen, I was jealous of all the fun I’ve missed.

We are very proud of what we have made with our friends. The music video for “Honey, Baby” serves as our way to reminisce the silliness and excitement that we felt being on tour, and reflects our deep longing to hit the road again and perform for a room full of tens or hundreds of people again. We are patiently waiting for that day to come, but until then, we cherish the moments and experiences we have had together deep in our hearts.

We hope you love “Honey, Baby” as much as we do.

Met a fan at the immigration office! How cool is that?

Backstage situation

Fam pic

Akbar and I catching some Zs mid-shooting

Dara catching some Zs post-shooting

Two bros just chillin




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