Uncle Lee’s Best Jingle Ever: The Story

By Angee

Hi, everyone! This is long overdue, but we are back with another blog entry! 

Did you notice? When you got to Uncle Lee’s homepage, you’d hear a semi-cheerful song playing in the background, accompanying you as you scroll through the catalogue. I’m going to tell a little story of how that jingle came to be.

It was summer of 2019 in Yogyakarta. I got a call from one of my good friends Debbie. She asked if I could write a jingle for someone she’d just met, Uncle Lee. I remember it was a particularly hot day—the kind of weather that made you feel like your skin was melting off of your bones, and no amount of cold drinks could quench your thirst. The boys and I sought refuge at our drummer Faiz’s house away from the glaring sun with the fan turned up.

We then decided that we’ll devote the day specifically to write a jingle for Uncle Lee’s General Store. I sat down on Faiz’s piano and messed around, doing finger exercises to warm up. Edo was racking his brains for chords and melodies until Akbar suggested recycling old chords for a song we dropped from a while ago for this jingle.

How convenient, we thought.

Sticking with our usual simplistic nature in chord progressions and humming to the melody, we had finally made the first draft! 

Now, what followed right after were the lyrics. Akbar told me to include words, such as “candies” and “board games”, basically knick-knacks one can find in a general store, and so I incorporated those into the lyrics. 

In order to give a sense of wonder and magic into the song, I decided to reflect on what I would usually do to cheer myself up. The answer was RETAIL THERAPY

Shopping always gives me the kind of thrill I can’t find anywhere else—it’s THE BEST kind of instant gratification, even though it has a critical impact on my bank account. But, hey, when the whole world is burning, might as well look dangerously good wearing a Grrrl Gang t-shirt!

If you should find me moping around,
Take me somewhere that magic can be found
From candies to board games to t-shirts galore
Take me to Uncle Lee’s store

The planet is dying, no hope to be found
I’d like to spend all my savings account
From candies to board games to t-shirts galore
Take me to Uncle Lee’s General Store


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